All On Four Procedure

All On Four Procedure

Unsecured dentures are of the past for those who have lost all of their teeth. Those wearing unsecured dentures may experience pain, an awkward fit, times of embarrassment and pure inconvenience. Denture wearers many times complain of the inability to chew foods thoroughly and the lack of enjoyment they find when eating.

There are multiple dental implant solutions that provide a fixed solution to those with multiple missing teeth. The latest, and most popular, is the All On Four procedure. Why is this so popular? Because EVERYONE is a candidate!

This procedure consists of removing all remaining natural teeth and replacing them with four (or sometimes more) dental implants. The implants act as a natural tooth root only stronger and lasts 40 or more years. These implants are placed into your jawbone and help your body create more bone and minimize additional bone loss due to lack of stimulation.

Once the implants are placed during surgery, your new teeth will be customized by our in-house lab. You will recover in a serene, private recovery room. In only a few hours, your new smile will be complete. The teeth are then connected to the implants that were placed earlier in the day. You will leave our office the same day with a full, new set of beautiful teeth!

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